Oink! #11

Done Uploaded the video as well as the Paper


Oink! #10

Its a relief ..Pheww!!….. Done with the design .. Completed the paper and the video uploaded the video as well .

The link to the video is http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=ZjlLTcuflvw

Tired.. Sleepy .. But happy 😀


Oink! # 9

Gashaye speaking once again!!!!  😮

I am getting very sleepy  but my team mates are working very hard on the text and video. The development of both of these things is very slow though  I hope we are going to finish both of them very soon….


Oink! #8

Rajib aka Manager: Pressure mounting …………… Had a good  dinner and it was a relief .. Feeling sleepy now .. But we have a lot ow work to do ..

Parvathy and myself are  writing the paper .. Harsha is making the interface design  … Gashaye and Jahnvi are working on the video … more updates to follow .. 🙂

Oink! #7

Rajib aka Manager: Oh!!!… forget to mention Parvathy  joined us around 8 hours back 😀

We were so busy that we forget to mention … Brainstorming and design development has made us feel dizzy and forgetful .

We will be back soon with more updates

Oink! #5 (Brainstorming and Possibilities)

Hello again, we were seriously busy last few hours. We were experimenting with possibilities. Our methodology is like
We think WHY NOT, FIRST and WHY, NEXT…. Oink Oink..
Our brainstorming process went well, on a scale of fun to seriousness. We have prepared so many charts and discussed each of our possibilities for our product. Hope we would post an hourly progression without skipping from now.. Oink Oink Oiiii.. (we are stupid, dont mind) 😉

Oink! #4 (Research and Observation level)

2:30pm (IST)

What a yummy break it was! Less food, more gossips. Indian food, human relationships, male vs female debate, weather conditions; these are few irrelevant topics which we had discussed along the break.

After the break, our refreshed souls started chalking out the history, present scenario and also discussed about some research papers on emailing. As now, we moved ahead and started on observing things and taking them in a new dimension. The agenda has been made and advanced research is running parallel to it.
There is a small hint for you. The main focus of our design is SIMPLE….. Oink Oink Oiinnkk!!! 😉

Oink! #3 (Heat is on)

Harsha: Over a spell of coffee, our team is on full throttle and roaring like a Harley Davidson. Everyone of us made research on similar things and had a discussion over it. Its very interesting to hear different perspectives.
We made research on many things like Email over loading, Primary need for email, history, relevance,  (ooopppsss…slip of tongue). No more clues, you will find them at the end of the day. Oink Oink!! 😉Image

Oink! #2

Harsha : We had a good time having coffee.. Gashaye is busy with his literature study. Jahnvi and Rajib are doing their research. I, am just chilling out taking photos and editing them (really enjoying this).
We are going to have a very serious discussion now. Oink Oink Ooooiiinnkkk!!!!!